Updated March 2018


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Madhabkunda is the only natural waterfall in the country.

CHINA has 7 waterfalls. Some of them are:

Big dragon waterfall Big Dragon
Chang Bai Shan Waterfall Chang Bai Shan Huangguoshu WaterfallHuangguoshu

INDIA has 16 waterfalls including.
Jog Waterfall
Jog (Gerusoppa) WaterFalls

INDONESIA has many waterfalls.

IRAN has 5 waterfalls.

IRAQ has 1 waterfall.

JAPAN has over 500 waterfalls including.

Nachi Falls Nachi Falls

LAOS has over a dozen waterfalls.

MALAYASIAhas many waterfalls including.

Sungai Pandan Waterfall Sungai Pandan Latak Waterfall Latak Waterfall

THE PHILLIPINES has about a dozen waterfalls.

Abaga Falls is the product of underground springs.

A highlight of the Bokong Nature Reserve
is Lepago Waterfall which freezes in the winter.

Kawasan Waterfall Kawasan Waterfall
Little Lucifer Waterfall Little Lucifer Waterfall Maria Christina Waterfall Maria Cristina
Isarog Waterfall Mt. Isarog National Park has many Waterfalls.
Hidden Valley Waterfalls Hidden Valley Waterfalls Paysan Waterfall Paysan Jam Waterfall
Tinago Waterfalls Tinago Waterfalls Hinulugang Waterfall Hinulugang Taktak Waterfall

SENEGAL has 2 waterfalls including.

Dindefelo Falls Dindefelo Falls

SOUTH KOREA has 3 waterfalls including.

Cheonjeyeon Waterfall Cheonjeyeon Waterfall

SRI LANKA has many waterfalls including

Ravana-Ella Falls Ravana Falls
Dunhinda Waterfall Dunhinda Waterfall Bambarakanda Falls Bambarakanda Falls

THAILAND has many waterfalls.

Nah Muang Waterfall Nah Muang
Tee Lor Su Waterfall
Tee Lor Su (Black)
Map of Southern Thailand Southern Thailand

VIETNAM has several waterfalls including.

Ban Doc Waterfall Ban Doc Bac Ma  Waterfall Bac Ma Waterfall

Word Waterfalls ***** Word Waterfalls *****Word Waterfalls