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Europe has many rivers. They are often used as boundaries between countries. Other uses for the rivers include agricultural irrigation, industry, transportation, and recreation. Some communities depend on the fish that live in or travel along rivers. Some rivers produce floods and droughts. Most rivers carry dissolved minerals and organic compounds. Centuries of erosion can leave deep canyons and waterfalls. Along the rivers of Europe there are over 6,000 dams that are used for many purposes including irrigation, power, and flood control.

DANUBE - Second largest river in Europe - Played important part in development of the Central and Southeastern part of the continent

DNIESTER - The second largest river in the Ukraine - Navigable for nearly entire course

DON - One of the major rivers in Russia

DOURO - Formerly Durius River - Remains of settlements dating back to Bronze Age have been found here

EBRO - Only navigable upstream for 15 miles - A system of dams provides much of Spain's hydoelectric power

ELBE - A major waterway of Central Europe - Former boundary between East and West Germany

GARONNE - Forms boundary between Spain and Portugal - Disappears underground for a short distance

GLAMA - Norway's chief timber-floating river - Many waterfalls are sites of hydroelectric stations

GOTA (WITH DKARALVEN) - Part of Gota canal in Sweden

GUADALQUIVIR - Has several hydroelectric plants - Some areas used extensively for irrigation - Canals between Seville and the sea

GUADIANA - Forms part of Spanish-Portugese border - One of the longest rivers in Iberian Peninsula

ISERE - Originates in Southwestern France and ends in lake formed by a dam.

KEMIJOKI - Longest river in finland - Important logging route

LOIRE - Longest river in France - Of little use for navigation

MAIN - Tributary of the Rhine

MERWEDE Branch of the Meuse - Flows into North Sea

MEUSE - rises in France and flowing through Belgium and the Netherlands before draining into the North Sea

MEZEN - A major salmon river system - Produces small river pearls used as decorations in Russia

MILJACKA - Bisects the bosnian Capital of Sarajevo - It was here on the quay that Archduke and his wife died.

MOSELLE - Forms part of the border between Luxembourg and Germany - German section has many castles

NEMEN - A meeting between Napoleon I and Czar Alexander took place in the middle of this river

NEVA - The shortest river in Europe - Important waterway navigable by large ships

ODER - Important waterway

ONEGA - A significant waterway - River has rapids in middle course

PECHORA - Used for fishing and lumber transport

PO - Largest river in Italy - Navigatible by small craft

RHINE - Busiest waterway in Europe - Played important part in shaping history of continent

RHONE Largest water flow of rivers in France - Large hydroelectric plants

SAMBRE - Canals along most of its length

SHANNON - Longest river in Ireland - Surrounded by marshes and bogs for much of its course

SEINE - One of France's major waterways - One of Europe's great historic rivers -

TAGUS - Longest waterway of Iberian Peninsula

THAMES - One of the best known rivers in the world - England's chief waterway

TIBER - One of the longest rivers in Italy - Flows thru Rome - Used for boating and fishing

VISTULA - Largest river in Poland - Baltic Sea's drainage basin

VOLGA - Longest river in Europe - Numerous dams

WAAL - Main arm of the Rhine

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